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Benefit from an customized brands and technologies with a global reputation


Crop IQ Technology "CIQ" is a market-driven organization focused on customer needs, growing through profits derived from development, research and marketing of eco-friendly products, which benefit food production and the environment while creating net economic welfare for our distribution network.


We represents a global network of producers, distributors and crop specialists. This helps you connect to a large network of knowledge and experience, so you can serve your customers in the best possible way, by using our sophisticated e-commerce tool, which we are continuously expanding. Product data, statistics and user information have never been easier to obtain.

No one company can offer the unique mix of new technology, reasonable pricing, high quality, superior technical features, local, cultural and linguistic proximity and world's widest range. We can.


Interested in becoming our distributor?

At Crop IQ Technology we are always eager to get in touch with distributors. We are looking for distributors worldwide to expand our global network. Interested? do not hesitate to contact us and send e-mail to