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IQ-EPP & Governmental Program

IQ Early Protection Program

By utilizing IQ Early Protection Program “IQEPP”, eradication programs can be put in place before significant damage to crops is caused.


Our IQ Early Protection Program (IQEPP) supports governments and industry specific stakeholders goal across the world of safeguarding agricultural resources by ensuring that new introductions of harmful invasive pests are detected as soon as possible, before they have a chance to cause significant damage through innovative semiochemicals and precious agriculture solutions .


Crop IQ’s governmental programs

If you have a government project or tender, CIQ is the only European organization offering specific customized solutions with unique quality and good value for money. 

We have three scales of Crop IQ’s governmental programs :


- Small scales programs

- Medium scales programs

- Large scales programs


With close collaboration between the technical team of the government and the technical support of Dr. IQ and our technical team we can customize effective economic programs to fit with the country's environmental conditions.


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