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Research and Development


Our R&D challenge - creating original ideas to turn today's dreams into tomorrow's reality

Without new challenges a company cannot grow. Crop IQ Technology values the power of R&D as an important asset that leads as we carve a path into the future. While asking ourselves, "What do our customers need now?" and "What is the market looking for?" we continuously engage in research and development to fulfill present demands. All the while we are actively pursuing further research to raise the quality and production efficiency of our previously developed products.


Crop IQ’s extensive know-how in IPM products such as pheromones, attractants, botanicals, green chemicals, Plastic covers and bio stimulants has inspired countless solutions that have improved plant resilience to the point that diseases hardly stand a chance.


Worldwide production and distribution of solutions

Solutions are only applicable and useful if they can be effectively reproduced and distributed. Crop IQ and its partners have been able to perfect this over the past few years. Crop IQ has a holistic approach to plants and develops solutions for all the relevant elements.


Knowhow and knowledge sharing

Although Crop IQ is primarily known for its products, the company is essentially a knowledge company. With our strong R&D base, we believe that sharing knowledge and training staff is an important step towards achieving sustainable agriculture and horticulture.

More than 150 professional consultants ensure that dealers and growers are supported in handling their challenges on a daily basis. Besides operational advice, they devote much time and effort towards communicating their basic knowledge concerning nature and its solutions. Crop IQ offers a variety of courses and works closely with universities in UK around the world to make knowledge available to a wider target group.


Materials Development with Originality - Creating New Value

In conducting our R&D, we focus on original themes. Our first goal with these themes is to meet the next generation of needs and, secondly, show originality in doing something that has never been attempted. We will continue to take on the challenge of developing new materials wherever the need exists.