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IQLURE is an brand name of Crop IQ Technology for a wide range of monitoring pheromones and attractants lures for integrated pest management, consisted of more than 300 product for 300 deferent strategic pest.

The monitoring of pests and diseases has become a science. Most monitoring systems are sophisticated scientific tools developed by experts for growers. An incorrectly installed or maintained monitoring system, or where the wrong insects are counted, will not be a true reflection of the pest situation in the field. In many of these systems, the decision on whether to spray or not rests on very small differences in the number of insects trapped or counted weekly. A monitoring system that operates sub-optimally will lead to incorrect control decisions. Monitoring indicates the level of pests, diseases and biological control agents in the field, keeping growers up-to-date with their status. Knowledge of the status of any pest, disease and biological control agent enables growers to make intelligent and rational decisions on the necessary control actions, based on the actual numbers. By spraying according to Economic Threshold Values rather than by the calendar, growers can reduce the number of sprays and therefore their spraying costs. There is a constant and increasing need to minimize the use of pesticides, due to the adverse effect on both humans and the environment.Pheromone lures can be used in mass trapping and lure and kill technique, in which large densities of traps or “killing stations” are used. Additionally pheromone dispensers containing larger volumes of active ingredient can be used for mating disruption. By permeating the air with sex pheromone, males become confused and unable to locate a female which directly minimises mating success. Semiochemical based control strategies offer a solution to pest problems in organic crops where chemical pesticides are not a suitable choice. 

Several types of applications of pheromones and attractants for the IPM:

  • Monitoring: Detects the presence of the insect and indicates the level of infestation and evaluate the most suitable treatment and time of application
  • Mass trapping: The objective is to capture the highest number of insects in a trap to reduce or eliminate other phytosanitary treatments
  • Attract and kill:  similar to the previous technique, but without the collection of insects in the trap
  • Mating disruption: Consists on the deployment of a high number of pheromone dispensers in the field creating an atmosphere which impedes the encounter between both sexes.

IQLURE's governmental programs:
If you have a government project or tender, CIQ is the only European organisation offering specific customized solutions with unique quality and good value for money. 
We have three scales of IQLURE governmental programs :
- Small scales programs - Medium scales programs - Large scales programs
With close collaboration between the technical team of the government and the technical support of Dr. IQ and our technical team we can customize effective economic programs to fit with the country’s environmental conditions .


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