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IQ STICKY BOARDS is a colour sticky board coated with pressure sensitive dry adhesive. It is made of high quality polypropylene material. IQ Sticky boards are specially designed for capturing insects which are elicited by specific colour matrix. As a result of attraction insect lands on sticky board surface, get caught easily and unable to escape. It is UV and sprinkler irrigation resistance board with an efficacy for over a period of 8-12 weeks.


1. Easy management of application in field.

2. Covered on both sides of a high-quality English dry glue.

3. Dry glue does not melt quickly at high temperatures.

4. It doesn’t contain toxic substances.

5. Optimal for organic & non-organic farms.

6. Environmentally friendly.

Target insects of the yellow color:

•White fly,Tuta absoluta, Miners, Esciarida fly, Aphids & others flies.

Target insects of the blue color:


Application in field:

• Dose for detection: 30-50 unit/Ha (1 unit each 20 mt)

• Dose for control: 100 unit/Ha (1 unit each 10 mt).

• Optimal time of application: After seeding period, immediately at the beginning of the cultivation.

• Height of application : should be placed 20 cm above the top of plants in   green houses, in case of application immediatly after seeding. Then, parallel to the growth of the plant , traps are raised to be at the height  of 1.5 m from the ground . 


Models & Sizes

IQ STICKY BOARD : 10x25 cm.

IQ STICKY BOARD : 20x25 cm.

IQ STICKYBOARD : 40x25 cm.