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Are you suffering from chemical residuals of pesticides or worried about inefficiency of some biological solutions as alternatives to chemicals?

IQ GEL range is environmentally friendly crop protection solution, classified as attract and kill technique to control key pests, a new breakthrough in sustainable pest control, a unique formulation combin- ing a specific pheromone with a contact insecticide in a proactive slow release gel-like base. It has no negative effect on beneficial insects, allowing them to increase their population, which assists in controlling the target pest only.

The small droplet which is placed on the crop’s leaf surface, acts like a female, attract males to mate with it. When a male finds the droplet he lands on it, thinking he has found a female.  The male covers the droplet but picks up insecticide, which kills him.

IQ GEL range is a residue-free, water resistant, does not drift in the wind and long lasting. Neither protective clothing nor heavy spray equipment is required during application. It offers an environmentally friendly great efficient alternative to conventional chemicals.

Mode of application- How it works:

Before the targeted pest mating season and changing color/maturity of the targeted host, preventively apply IQ GEL in small quantity lumps, a few grams each on tree trunks, leaves and branches. The small droplet which is placed on the crop's leaf surface, acts like a female, at­ tract males to mate with it. When a male finds the droplet he lands on it, thinking he has found a female. The male covers the droplet but picks up contact insecticide , which kills him.

Controlled-Release Technology:

The aqueous component of  the IQ  GEL­ emulsion gives the product its liquid char­ acter, allowing it to flow. The non-aqueous com­ ponent of the emulsion is the controlled-release device. It comprises the active ingredients (e.g., semio chemical compounds or pesticides) and the additives that will protect these and fine-tune their release rates from the dispenser. Upon ap­ plication, the aqueous component of IQ GEL­  evaporates from the dispenser within 3-6 hours, leaving the rain fast, non- aqueous com­ ponent firmly affixed to the substrate , where it will release the active ingredients until all avail­ able molecules are dispensed . The longevity of the dispenser depends on the manner in which the particular IQ GEL formulation was cre­ated, its composition, how it was applied, as well as the environmental conditions to which it is ex­ posed .

IQ GEL products are typically formulat­ed to release semio chemicals for 2 weeks to 6 months accoridng type of each pheromone and targted pest.


IQ GEL is filled in 250 grams PP tubes, which are packed @ 20 nos. in each primary carton. Four such primary cartons are packed into a shipper carton, which are then loaded and stretch wrapped onto a pallet.

Packaging: Tube 250 gr, 1kg and 5kg.

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