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Why choose us ?

Crop IQ Technologies offers the unique mix of new technology at reasonable pricing, high quality products with superior technical features and the world's widest range of customized crop protection solutions.

  1. Crop IQ technologies is a manufacturer of unique eco-friendly crop protection solutions with headquarters in Great Britain and distribution networks in four continents.
  2. Our Research and Development programs focus on next generation of natural products integrated with minute amounts of conventional chemicals.
  3. Quality and Safety of our ingredients, products and packaging are paramount to our success.
  4. Customer service, delivery commitments, reliability and responsiveness are our core principles.
  5. At Crop IQ technologies we focus on offering customized solutions at affordable prices that meet the needs of different markets in both developing and developed countries.
  6. Our customers are our partners and greatest asset; therefore we devote all our resources to developing this partnership.
  7. At Crop IQ technologies we have professional technical and commercial teams from seven nationalities fully dedicated to provide superior sustainable service to our customers.
  8. At Crop IQ technologies we are committed to tackling the global food security challenge via participation in governmental projects with economic packages.