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IQ MAXFORCE A White Crystal Powder Mono Pottasium Phosphite 98% min



1. Phosphites are highly systemic nutrients with fungicidal activity against Phytophthora, Pythium, Mildews, Brown Rot…..

2. Enhancement of the plant’s natural defense mechanism

3. Improved plant nutrient health

4. Higher solids content

5. Increased yield

6. Post harvest quality enhancements

7. Improved foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn)


1. Readily taken up through foliage of many species including citrus and avocado

2. Potassium phosphite oxidizes to phosphate in air making it an excellent compound for

continuous supply of phosphate to the plant

3. Phosphite fertilizers in the soil provide a steady supply of available phosphorous to the plant roots as compared to phosphate and superphosphate fertilizers where, as a result of

phosphate fixation in the soil, only a fraction of the phosphate is actually available to the plant

4. Effectively controls specific species of Oomycetes and some species of Phytophthora,

therefore combining nutrition value and fungicidal / fungi static properties.

registered as a fungicide)

5. Stimulates the plant’s metabolism to synthesize allelopathic chemicals (phytoalexins) which aids in the fight against invading pathogens


1. IQ MAXFORCE works best when crops are not under stress

2. IQ MAXFORCE is most effective when applied at crop stages

3. If this product is to be applied as a liquid either on the soil or on the foliage, it is NOT necessary to pre-mix with a small amount of water. Instead, add this product directly into the solution tank slowly and maintain good agitation. Agitation and stirring should continue until the product is fully dissolved

4. As a matter of precaution, for tank-mix applications with other agricultural inputs such as

fertilizers and pesticides, it is advisable to prepare a sample mixture of these products to

ensure good compatibility before application


IQ MAXFORCE can be applied as a powder, liquid spray, liquid injection or through drip irrigation systems.

1. When applied as a powder, it should be washed in or irrigated with water within 4 hours of application.

2. When applied as a spray onto the soil an adequate volume of water should be used to wet the soil thoroughly

3. When applied as a soil injection, it should be done at less than 1 meter apart

4. Ensure complete coverage as a foliar spray

General Rates of Application

The rates recommended below represent the upper and lower limits of the range. Actual rate to be applied depends on size of the plant and the level of need.

Type of crop

Application Rate and Frequency

Application Timing


Wheat, Rice, Corn, Peanut, Cotton









2 – 3kg / ha per foliar application.

Frequency: 2 – 3 applications per

season or as determined by soil or

tissue tests.




Vegetative development,

Flowering, Grain fill


Beanstalk, Eggplant, Pepper, Tomato,

Potato, Onion, Muskmelon,

Watermelon, Cucumber, Grape,

Strawberry, Peach, Apple, Lychee

Flowering and Fruit



Smooth Mushroom, Fragrant

Mushroom, Lily Mushroom, Tea,

Chinese Herbs, Flowers


As required


Green grocery, Leek, Cabbage,





As required




Remarks: Complete coverage of foliage is recommended, re-apply if a wash off event occurs within four hours of application

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